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B2B Mentors Podcast

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Leadership Lessons With the Nonprofit Prophet

Matt George — a three-time bestselling author, executive leadership coach at Harvard Business School, and veteran nonprofit CEO — joins Connor to discuss strategies and insights that fueled his success in the nonprofit sector. Discover the power of meaningful relationships, the importance of adopting a business mindset for nonprofit operations, and the profound impact of genuine commitment to a cause. Learn how strategic persistence and branding can amplify fundraising efforts and drive significant community impacts.

How CMOs and CEOs Should Align for Hypergrowth

Carilu Dietrich — former CMO and current advisor to CEOs and CMOs of hypergrowth tech companies — joins Connor to discuss the pivotal roles of product excellence and strategic alignment in achieving organic growth. Learn about the importance of reducing purchase friction and the power of community in transforming customers into brand advocates. Gain insights on navigating company strategy through meticulous industry analysis and innovative technologies like AI.

The New Rulebook for B2B Engagement

Amy Frampton — a seasoned marketing executive with over 20 years of experience at leading companies like Microsoft, HPE, Smartsheet, and now Nava Benefits — joins Connor to discuss the pivotal role of community in marketing, the seamless integration of sales and marketing teams, and the power of authentic storytelling from the customer’s perspective. Learn about the strategies that facilitate deep connections with audiences, the importance of personal engagement in digital communication, and actionable insights for building effective community-focused marketing initiatives. Gain insights on nurturing a symbiotic relationship between marketing and sales to enhance customer journeys and drive business success.

Scaling to 8 Figures - Outbound Secrets Revealed

Scaling to 8 Figures (Outbound Secrets Revealed)

Eric Watkins — President of Abstrakt Marketing Group — joins Connor to discuss the intricacies of career growth, the importance of adaptability in various roles, and the significance of cultivating a supportive and vision-driven company culture. Learn about strategic moves that propelled Eric’s career from an intern to the president of a multimillion-dollar company, and see how embracing diverse experiences and focusing on process can lead to scalable success.

Scaling a Brand in St. Petersburg - or Any Local Market

Scaling a Brand in St. Petersburg (or Any Local Market)

Ryan Bogden — real estate professional and host of the “Talkin’ St Pete” podcast — joins Connor Dube to discuss the power of curiosity, community involvement, and personal well-being in business success. Learn about the importance of asking insightful questions, the benefits of immersing oneself in the local business scene, and the impact of prioritizing one’s mental and physical health. This conversation offers valuable insights for entrepreneurs and professionals looking to deepen their community connections and enhance their personal and professional growth.

Secret Moneyball Marketing Strategy

Andy Ramirez — a seasoned marketing leader and head of marketing at Docker — joins Connor to discuss the intricacies of data-driven marketing strategies, the shift from B2B to business-to-person marketing, and the effective use of modern marketing tools and technologies. Learn about Moneyball marketing, the importance of full business metrics, and the power of human-centric approaches in B2B marketing. Gain insights on leveraging technology like Gen AI and Smartsheet for enhanced marketing efficiency and execution.

The Mentor Mindset: Lessons From Coaching 108 CMOs to Success

Gil Allouche — co-founder and CEO of Metadata — joins Connor to discuss how his background in software engineering led him to co-found a marketing company. Learn about his approach to marketing experiments, the importance of scaling pipelines, and the surprising benefits of automating the technical and mundane tasks of B2B digital marketing.

How To Master Authority and Conversions in E-Commerce

Greg Rollett — Emmy Award-winning producer, bestselling author, and Director of Growth at Grommet — joins Connor to discuss the entrepreneurial mindset and strategies for building business. Learn about the value of creating demand in business, ways to make offers irresistible, and the importance of both customer acquisition and retention for sustainable business growth. Discover Greg’s unique insights and practical advice drawn from his diverse experiences in the music industry and digital marketing.

Why Common Sense Marketing Needs a Comeback!

Jason Wood — CEO of Specificity — joins Connor to discuss the critical need for a deeper understanding of marketing fundamentals and consumer psychology. Learn about Jason’s innovative approach to data-driven marketing that dramatically enhances ad spend efficiency and conversion rates, marking a significant shift in audience-targeting strategies.

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