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B2B Mentors Podcast

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CMO Lessons from Over 18 Successful Exits

Meagen Eisenberg — CMO at Lacework — joins Connor to talk about her professional transition from marketing technology products to joining several tech firms as a highly sought-after advisor. Learn about the need for new CMOs to spend their first month auditing and evaluating a company’s staff, priorities, processes, and direction.

The Godfather of Social Selling

Koka Sexton — Vice President of Client Services at Spear Marketing Group — joins Connor to discuss his efforts to advance the practice of social selling, especially as it pertains to aligning the goals of salespeople and marketers. Learn about the profound implications of AI-powered programs for content marketing and the importance of a marketer’s ability and willingness to leverage AI’s capabilities.

How to Win the Day with James Whittaker

James Whittaker — entrepreneur and host of the “Win the Day with James Whittaker” podcast — joins Connor to discuss the inspiration for his interview-focused motivational podcast and dive into the principles underlying his “Win the Day” mentality. Learn about the value of envisioning your ideal personal and professional life by regularly charting your goals and articulating your purpose in a written success plan.

Strategically Staffing Your B2B Marketing Team

Greg Moores — Director of Marketing at Search Solution Group — joins Connor to trace the origins of his marketing passion, from designing art around his hobbies to leading the marketing department at Search Solution Group. Learn about the value of optimizing your operation by balancing your internal team’s talents with a third-party vendor’s services.

How Marketing Leaders Can Turn Income to Wealth

Ryan George — CMO at Docupace — joins Connor to chart his professional course from public relations to marketing in the wealth management industry. Learn about Ryan’s efforts to digitize operations in a world of “dinosaurs” and how to convert income into wealth by maximizing tax-advantaged solutions, diversifying investments, and finding a good financial advisor.

CMO of SKYGEN USA, Don Polite

Don Polite — CMO at SKYGEN USA — joins Connor to share the wisdom he’s gained from his years in marketing and provide strategies for connecting with clients on a distinctly human level in the post-COVID era. Learn about the value of consistently aligning sales and marketing team knowledge, interests, and goals.

CMO of, Mariana Cogan

Mariana Cogan — CMO at — joins Connor to recount her globe-spanning experiences and how they shaped her professional path, marketing practices, and guiding principles. Learn how businesses can meaningfully enact diversity and inclusion methods to promote a workplace culture of pluralism and innovation.

From $150 Million to $0 and Back Again!

Simon Leslie — Founder and CEO of Ink — joins Connor to reflect upon the massive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on his business and the strategies he employed to maintain team engagement and rebuild the company in the wake of substantial losses. Learn about the value of pitching a compelling story, both to inspire others and to capitalize on available opportunities.

CEO of, Evan Sohn

Evan Sohn — Chairman and CEO of — joins Connor to provide his insights into the mentality and key qualities of a successful, disciplined CEO and the immense value to be found in understanding and learning from mistakes, stumbles, and failures. Learn about the causes and implications of the American economy’s large-scale priority shift and the pros and cons of the workforce’s increasing preference for work-life balance over higher pay.

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