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CMO of, Mariana Cogan

Mariana Cogan — CMO at — joins Connor to recount her globe-spanning experiences and how they shaped her professional path, marketing practices, and guiding principles. Learn how businesses can meaningfully enact diversity and inclusion methods to promote a workplace culture of pluralism and innovation.

From $150 Million to $0 and Back Again!

Simon Leslie — Founder and CEO of Ink — joins Connor to reflect upon the massive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on his business and the strategies he employed to maintain team engagement and rebuild the company in the wake of substantial losses. Learn about the value of pitching a compelling story, both to inspire others and to capitalize on available opportunities.

CEO of, Evan Sohn

Evan Sohn — Chairman and CEO of — joins Connor to provide his insights into the mentality and key qualities of a successful, disciplined CEO and the immense value to be found in understanding and learning from mistakes, stumbles, and failures. Learn about the causes and implications of the American economy’s large-scale priority shift and the pros and cons of the workforce’s increasing preference for work-life balance over higher pay.

Mario’s B2B Marketing Lessons Not Learned in School

Mario Paganini — three-time head of marketing before age 30 and current VP of Marketing at Stord — joins Connor to explain why B2B marketing doesn’t have to suck and how fear motivates your potential customers. Learn about the four buckets of digital marketing, and why in the professional world, a B-minus is the same as a D-plus.

Launching Multiple Billion-Dollar Brands

Jeff Hoffman — the philanthropist and serial entrepreneur behind billion-dollar companies including and — joins Connor to talk about the power of storytelling and the overlap between B2B and B2C marketing. Learn how to leverage FOMO — and why your CEO may need to stay out of sales calls.

Your Big B2B Marketing Gaps

Jen Smith — industry-recognized B2B marketing leader and recent CMO at MarketingProfs — joins Connor to discuss playing the long game in content marketing and how marketers can avoid being relegated to their organization’s junk drawer. Learn what your company needs to do in place of lead generation and how you can feel more connected in your job.

How To Connect With ANYONE You Want To Work With or Be Mentored By

Brandon T. Adams — advisor, video marketing expert, speaker, TV host, and producer, and one of Connor’s own B2B Mentors — joins him to discuss the right way to approach potential business connections and the power of surrounding yourself with the right people. Learn about adding value to both business and personal relationships — and the necessity of playing the long game.

How To Copy Write Your Way to Millions

Nate Kievman — Founder and CEO of Linked Strategies — joins Connor to discuss the future of email marketing, how to reach and engage executives, and the psychological triggers that form the foundation of copywriting. Learn the value of empowering your clients to interview their clients — and why you must leverage case studies and referrals when bringing a new product to market.

How To Bring In Board Members Who Will Blow Up Your Business

Martin Rowinski — investor, author, and CEO of Boardsi — joins Connor to discuss corporate matchmaking and what companies and executives can do to simplify the board-building process. Learn about the personal branding power of LinkedIn and the importance of being mindful with your social media presence.

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