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B2B Mentors Podcast

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5 Key Competencies Every B2B Marketing Team Needs To Master

Stacey Danheiser — former Fortune 500 marketing leader, bestselling author, and Founder of SHAKE Marketing Group — joins Connor to discuss the five core responsibilities of marketing. Learn about ways to expand the impact of marketing, methods for gaining credibility and influence on strategy, and the reasons B2B marketers need to know their customers better.

Customer Insight Secrets to Accelerate Your Marketing Success

Karrie Sanderson — executive marketing leader, mentor, and advisor — joins Connor to talk about her engineering background and legacy brand leadership. Learn how unique work opportunities fuel marketing careers and why B2B marketers should leverage customers’ emotions to shape brand perceptions.

How Not To Suck at Marketing

Jeff Perkins — speaker, thought leader, author of How Not to Suck at Marketing, and current CMO at Greenlight Guru — joins Connor to discuss his marketing leadership journey and the importance of controlling your personal brand. Learn about the value of strategic focus in marketing leadership and the immediate boost to credibility gained by seeking quick wins.

How To Master B2B Healthcare Marketing (3 Key Pillars)

Larry Kaiser — 18-year veteran of the healthcare IT market, speaker, and current Chief Marketing Officer at Clearsense — joins Connor to discuss the value of his company’s unique data platform, which enables users to gain valuable insights for various applications. Learn about the importance of understanding your target audience and adapting to evolving technologies.

Think Like a CEO, Act Like a CRO, Talk Like a CMO

Denmark Francisco — a veteran of tech startups and big data — joins Connor to discuss his business philosophy of adopting the mindsets of three key roles: a CFO for profitability, a CRO for sales and growth, and a CMO for strategic communication. Learn about how companies should align tactical operations with their corporate objectives and focus on their proven successes, especially in times of economic contraction.

The Dropout Multimillionaire: How To Succeed in Business With No Money, No Education, and No Clue

Brian Will — entrepreneur, business owner, and bestselling author — joins Connor to discuss the entrepreneur mindset, imposter syndrome, and the value of mentorship. Learn about how entrepreneurs should be realistic about their abilities and weaknesses and why finding (and vetting) the best business coach matters.

B2B Storytelling Strategies That Convert Decision-Makers

Adrian Fulle — Chief Marketing Officer at ByoPlanet — joins Connor to discuss the importance of storytelling in both B2C and B2B marketing and the role AI plays in the equation. Learn about how stories are integral to the human experience — shaping communication, enhancing understanding, and influencing behavior — and how positive emotions about a brand can lead to favorable buyer decision-making.

Is B2B Decision-Making More Vital (and Emotional) Than B2C?

Wendy Lurrie — Chief Marketing Officer at Sinequa — joins Connor to discuss the nuances of B2B marketing and ways to effectively build relationships with buyers. Learn about the role of emotional decision-making process in driving B2B success and the importance of ensuring your marketing resonates with your audience.

The Big B2B Buying Disconnect

Allyson Havener — VP of Marketing at TrustRadius — joins Connor to discuss demand generation, B2B buying trends, and the importance of building strong brand loyalty. Learn about her thoughts on leveraging customer-generated content, interacting with prospects across channels, and creating the ideal customer profile.

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