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Content Creation Services: What’s the Content Trifecta Effect?

The Proven Content Trifecta is a new multichannel content creation method that addresses your customers’ needs and their preferred ways of consuming information. B2B companies can use the Content Trifecta to increase their reach, exposure, and credibility with a combination of VideoViews, MicroPosts, and professionally written publications and articles for LinkedIn.

What’s in a Trifecta Program?


Short and to-the-point video interviews with you, your employees, or your happy clients.


Custom-crafted graphic designs to catch the eye and stand out in the feed.

LinkedIn Publications

Thoroughly researched LinkedIn articles with fresh and engaging content.

Client Trifecta Programs

Rivanna Medical

The Accuro epidural guidance system for spinal and epidural anesthesia finds the exact location and depth – and is designed to help you reduce the number of unnecessary needle sticks in epidural anesthesia administration.

Rivanna VideoView

Rivanna MicroPost

Rivanna LinkedIn Publication

Windsor Group

A strategic IT outsourcing advisory firm that specializes in aligning leading organizations with the latest in managed service offerings.

Windsor VideoView

Windsor MicroPost

Windsor LinkedIn Publication


Delivering cutting-edge cloud-based technology and expertise for high-quality sales compensation management solutions and services.

SalesVista VideoView

SalesVista MicroPost

SalesVista LinkedIn Publication


Aquanomix delivers smart water management through transformative technology to building owners and facility managers.

Aquanomix VideoView

Aquanomix MicroPost

Aquanomix LinkedIn Publication

TERRA Staffing Group

One of the leading industrial, administrative, and technical staffing and recruitment agencies in Washington, Oregon, and Arizona.

TERRA VideoView

TERRA MicroPost

TERRA LinkedIn Publication

Fitch Consulting

Thought partner and trusted advisor that enables clients to create vital momentum for change in the new world of work.

Fitch VideoView

Fitch MicroPost

Fitch LinkedIn Publication

Verity Search

Proud industry disruptors with insider knowledge from years of mortgage industry experience, ready to identify the top talent its clients’ business needs.

Verity VideoView

Verity MicroPost

Verity LinkedIn Publication

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