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Marc Dube President and Founder

Marc Dube | Active Blogs

Nickname: Dube, Scooby Dube, Dubwa, Do Be A Good Dube, Doobers, Dubinski, Doobsters, Sparky
Hometown: Yorktown Heights, New York
Hobbies: Boating, Camping, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Fishing, Reading
Favorite Food: Food
Pets: Symcha my sweet white German Shepherd, Tucker my ferocious Jack Russell/Rat Terrier… truly a JackRat
Secret 411: I wish I had a secret

Consultant, visionary, and entrepreneur Marc Dube has made his life’s work of perfecting the email newsletter and blog as strategic sales and marketing tools.  He has injected his passion and energy into growing Proven Systems Corp. into the country’s leading customized and online newsletter and blog production and distribution service.  Since then, Proven’s client base has steadily grown to encompass a wide range of industries such as telecom, IT, manufacturing, engineering, oil and gas, and more.

Marc helped implement strategic sales and marketing programs for more than 200 organizations worldwide. During these experiences, he watched clients struggle to communicate with clients and prospects on a consistent basis. Says Marc: “I felt newsletter marketing was the catch-all form of communication but it wasn’t getting done by my clients. I realized that unless we did it for them, it simply wouldn’t get done.” So Marc formed an elite team of designers, writers, programmers, and project leaders … and in 2001 Proven Systems was born.

In late 2012, a newsletter client asked Marc to take over their blog and social media due to problems with their current vendor.  “We had never done a blog before — however, we were definitely up for the challenge. The blog was a huge success and our client’s website activity and visitors skyrocketed.  We decided to offer the service to other clients, who have experienced similar success.”

The program was perfected over time and eventually trademarked Active Blogs™, a subsidiary of Proven Systems, Corp. Marc’s vision of blogs and newsletters as fundamental marketing tools has evolved into a successful venture and emerged a front-runner in B2B and B2C communication platforms.

What has helped make Proven Systems a thriving company with loyal, satisfied clients? “The people,” says Marc. “It’s not all about me and never has been. The people who work at Active Blogs are incredibly self-motivated and take enormous pride in what we do for our clients. Our clients are so well served because our team members are very talented and intrinsically driven to produce great work. Each and every blog or newsletter is a great team effort.”