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CMO of SKYGEN USA, Don Polite

Don Polite — CMO at SKYGEN USA — joins Connor to share the wisdom he’s gained from his years in marketing and provide strategies for connecting with clients on a distinctly human level in the post-COVID era. Learn about the value of consistently aligning sales and marketing team knowledge, interests, and goals.

Go Bold: Big Moves for Your B2B Content Strategy

Are you stuck in a content rut? Once it’s up and running, adjusting your content course feels risky, but bold moves are the secret to amplifying your message and accelerating audience engagement. Try new things, be direct, get creative, and take some chances. Big moves and bold choices are exactly what your content needs to […]

CMO of, Mariana Cogan

Mariana Cogan — CMO at — joins Connor to recount her globe-spanning experiences and how they shaped her professional path, marketing practices, and guiding principles. Learn how businesses can meaningfully enact diversity and inclusion methods to promote a workplace culture of pluralism and innovation.