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Jennifer Robison – Managing Editor


Nickname: Robbie
Hometown: Crete, Nebraska
Hobbies: Reading, live music, hiking, gardening
Favorite Food: Japanese
Secret 411: I set the state record in speed reading in 6th grade
Favorite Quote: The best way to predict the future is to create it.
– Peter Drucker

Jennifer Robison is a Managing Editor at Proven Content. She cares about clients’ businesses almost as much as they do, and works closely with content specialists and subject matter experts to create top-quality content that fuels clients’ success.

After graduating from the University of Nebraska with a degree in English Composition, Jennifer has written or edited books, articles, reports, and other content for businesses around the world. As a writer, editor, and manager, her passion is to produce B2B content that gets results in the market and helps business leaders become thought leaders in their industries.

That drive brought her to Proven Content, where she works with clients to produce custom-written content, graphic posts, and video views. “We’re the go-to expert of outsourced B2B content marketing, so the work is always fascinating,” she says, “and I love the way our collaborative, super-smart teams at Proven Content commit to understanding clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations.”

Jennifer lives in Crete, Nebraska where she’s involved in several community organizations – if you want to create the future, she says, live in a small town — with her husband and three kids. They’ve been restoring an historic home for 18 years, with no end in sight. When she’s not building or fixing something, Jennifer can usually be found behind a book or in the garden.